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Correct and sustainable organizational development

Currently, many companies are reevaluating their organizational structures. This is often an attempt to cut costs, while others are adapting their business models or preparing for the uncertainties of the future. Over the past few years, with Humanagement, I have provided support in all these areas. I've consistently observed that regardless of what triggered the organizational development, it was always necessary to analyze and optimize processes before changing organizational structures. The principle:

Process determines structure!

has repeatedly proven effective.

When we examine work processes along the value chain using our methodology, we don't conduct broad analyses of the entire process; instead, we focus on bottlenecks. Where are information and material flows stalling? At which points do quality issues arise? Once we identify these bottlenecks, they are meticulously analyzed and then evaluated:

  • Are they temporary or chronic?

  • Are the causes due to a lack of resources or overly complicated process flows?

  • Are processes hindered by structures, such as interfaces between different departments?

Depending on the results of this evaluation, we then develop countermeasures aimed at either improving work processes, changing organizational structures, or both.

With this approach, we achieve sustainable results in the shortest time possible and avoid making superficial organizational changes.

The Humanagement approach also serves another purpose that is crucial for our clients' companies: By strictly involving the on-site employees, we not only achieve pragmatic solutions but also train the staff for future organizational development on their own.

Why are we better at this than many others? Because we are not only technical-organizational experts but also specialists in motivation. We inspire and empower employees to shape their own work environment.

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